Phang Nga Bay Speed Boat Day Tour (Honeymoon Pt. 2)

While in Phuket, we went on a fun speed boat tour of the very scenic Phang Nga Bay. In eight hours, we hit up six diverse stops in the Bay, including canoeing, caving, and of course beaching. Oh yes, we also did a sail-by of the famous James Bond Island, but thankfully didn’t go ashore to that tourist trap!

I found the sailing company Phuket Sail Tours based on multiple good reviews online. The price (3900 baht/adult, ~$112USD) was higher than many other similar tours, but it well worth it for the reputation, communication, and organization. The tour price included a cab to pick up and drop off directly at our hotel. A simple breakfast, a large lunch, and snacks were also included.

After arriving at the the departure point (around 40 minutes from our hotel), we waited for the rest of our tour group. There were around 20 people total. Our tour guide Jack went through introductions and showed us the tour path on a map. He had a great sense of humor and seemed to have a joke or fact about each country and/or state the tourists were from.

Then we were off! You were required to take off your shoes while on the boat, and the shoes were kept in a central basket. Easy footwear to slip on was key as we left the boat frequently. Being a germaphobe, I was a little worried about being barefoot but quickly got over it!

Sailing to our first stop - a small strip of beach poking out of the ocean near Krabi.
Sailing to our first stop – a small strip of beach poking out of the ocean near Krabi.

Stop 1: A small strip of white sand beach near Krabi Island. We hung out here for 30 minutes and enjoyed the sun, surrounded on three sides by ocean as far as the eye could see. This was also the first time the sun came out in the first four days of our trip. How perfect!

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