5 Foods to Cut with an Egg Slicer

I learned the coolest trick this weekend while making penne alla vodka. We needed sliced mushrooms and Mr. A whipped out the egg slicer. I was very confused…until he said to put the mushroom in like an egg. LIGHTBULB. The egg slicer made uniform and speedy cuts. I was so excited about my new knowledge that I had to share. Hopefully this is an aha moment for some and not just painfully obvious 😀

This got me thinking about all the food I could use this with.

Here’s my top 5:

  1. Mushrooms – I’m convinced mushrooms make everything savory better.
  2. Strawberries & kiwi – Next level fruit tarts and desserts, here I come.
  3. Avocados – For all those instagram perfect avo-toasts.
  4. Fresh mozzarella balls – Caprese all day.
  5. Olives – For pizzas, salads, tacos, etc.
Slice only items that are soft and the size of an egg or smaller.

Press down slowly and voilà! Uniform cuts!

When using, be careful the wires are aligned with the grooves and cut slowly. If the food is too hard, it might bend or break the egg slicer. It was made for eggs after all!


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